New Jersey Sours on Juicy Campus

As a proud resident of the State of New Jersey, we are thrilled to see state action being taken against a vicious gossip website called Juicy Campus:

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Gossip as Entertainment

Gordon Davidescu wrote this article.

Sometimes when I go to the local market and pick up some food, I think of how fortunate I am that nobody cares that I am shopping. There is nobody around the corner waiting to take photographs of my shopping choices, writing down item after item — is that a bag of quinoa or millet he has there?

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Celebrity Overload

One of my favorite scenes in “Singin’ in the Rain” is one in which leading man Don Lockwood confronts Kathy Selden over her alleged lack of interest in him as an actor. At first she denies knowing anything about him, citing a total lack of interest in anything to do with the film arts, with the theatrical arts being the supposedly superior art form. She soon comes to admit that she has seen all of his films and has read all of the magazines in which he is portrayed. To think, if this film were to take place today, how much more information she would be able to access about her favorite film star.

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