As a proud resident of the State of New Jersey, we are thrilled to see state action being taken against a vicious gossip website called Juicy Campus:

N.J. – New Jersey prosecutors have subpoenaed records of Juicy Campus a
Web site that publishes anonymous, often malicious gossip about college

Language on the site ranges from catty to hateful and
offensive. One thread, for example, on the “most overrated Princeton
student” quickly dissolves into name-calling, homophobia and

Juicy Campus may be violating the state’s Consumer
Fraud Act by suggesting that it doesn’t allow offensive material but
providing no enforcement of that rule — and no way for users to report
or dispute the material, New Jersey Attorney General Anne Milgram said

New Jersey is standing up for the good people who shun anonymity on the web.

We love it New Jersey doesn’t believe in allowing unenforced and unmitigated chaos and hate to the internet.

sites like Juicy Campus are allowed to thrive without social
repercussion, or the force of human law coming down on them like a
corrective cudgel, we are all made worse in their shadow — because
instead of enlightening the world with strength and insight, Juicy
Campus tumbles us all down the wishing well and into the drink for