The great Piers Morgan rightly won “The Celebrity Apprentice” last night.  Piers won because of his aggressive and unfailing perseverance and dedication.  I love the guy!

I have a lot of UK friends — so Piers’ bitter joshing and his biting sense of humor were not lost on me — as they were lost on Donald Trump and his insolent offspring and on Piers’ “celebrity” competitors.

Piers was smart to never back down from his game play.  He had a plan.  He stuck to it.  He defended it.  He won.

His final competitor was Trace Adkins — a sour, monster-like, country singer in a ratty cowboy hat – and Adkins never stood a trace of a chance in winning because Piers went outside his own vested interested to raise money for wounded veterans from the Iraq war while Trace wanted to give money to a charity so his daughter might be healed from her food allergies.

In the comparison between greatness and wishing:  Piers won hands down and Trace went down swinging with his hands tossed in the air in foetal surrender.

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