The role of the Playwright in Society is to make public the will of the Gods and to enforce human laws of conscience and justice.

Using otherworldly inspiration and mortal thoughts, Playwrights sculpt believing and belonging for live presentation on the stage.

Then, in that live and momentary synthesis between viewer and performer — judge and the judged, the perceiver and the perceived, the damned and the condemned — we come to realize we are not immortal, we do not have power beyond the rest of us, and we are no longer able to abide private catharsis.

The Playwright in antiquity taught us our contemptible, passive, role in society and begged us not to challenge the power living above the cliffs overlooking a shining, filthy, city below. 

Today, the Playwright — as a free and cogent member of society — is required to challenge the status quo and to remove the mystery of the heavens by tearing down the mountaintop.

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