The Art of Conditional Pre-Tipping

Getting good service can be a difficult problem in our indecent, modern, world.  One way of guaranteeing good service is to provide a cash tip to the person assisting you.  In restaurants and in service bays where you are well-known, tipping helps get you good service; but what do you do with the incidental worker you may only see one time, like a moving company team, or a repairman?  How can you make sure they’ll get the job done to your satisfaction within your time requirement window?  Conditional Pre-Tipping is one method I use to ensure excellent, one-off, service.

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Mexico Leads, We Follow: Paying Parents to Mind their Children

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is taking an idea from Mexico and plans to employ it in the greatest city in the world that still struggles with a tough disconnect between wealth and poverty as well as the continued wide divide between children and privilege by paying parents to take care of their children:

New York is searching for new ways to fight persistent poverty, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Commission for Economic Opportunity has recommended useful reforms. To encourage families to participate in these programs, the mayor hopes to recruit private donors to provide parents with a cash incentive to make the right choices for their children — like taking them in for regular checkups and making sure they stay in school.

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