In my last article, I wrote admiringly about John Fetterman, and later that day he had a stroke; so I’m a little wary of writing about cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens again, lest they, too, continue their precipitous clambering downward trends. However, I am excited to write about the future importance of a decentralized information network, and to discuss how the blockchain will enhance freedom, and independence, and I want to firmly, and vehemently, set the expectation that NFTs will become the new publication pathway for distributing information — as well as becoming the de facto standard for education.

Here’s why I think NFTs in education are going to be the next big thing.

First, once a student has a crypto wallet set up, and has purchased some ETH (or whatever!) — the textbook as NFTs is simple: Not only can an NFT be more than just a static image, or even an animated image, it can also contain video, while also embedding extra locked information like a PDF file that will go along with the bundled video NFT.

Here is Janna Sweenie signing “New York” in an American Sign Language NFT!

NFTs can be distributed with ownership tracked. If the textbook NFT is resold, the publishing company can set their own royalty on the secondary market via initial mint contract, and continue to collect on their content, just as it should be!

The buyer of the NFTs are public, decentralized, and trackable. That’s good for both the buyer and the seller because ownership is final, specialized, and not rented or subscribed, and the publisher can more precisely monitor how, and where, their work is being used.

Next, Janna signs “Cat” in our ASL NFT!

NFTs create an open, and seamless, delivery system. No bookstores needed. No more physical distribution units are necessary.

NFTs can also be used for private tutoring! Each NFT is an individual lesson, along with embedded support materials as unlockable extras. Privacy is not invaded on the blockchain, and protectability of experience is preserved.

Some car companies are even using the blockchain, and NFTs, to track repairs — so anyone can do a check on the repair history of a vehicle if they have access to the specific location of the information on the blockchain.

Finally, Janna knows who — who, who, who who who! — let the “Dog(s)” out… in our ASL NFT!

Universities will soon provide grading, and transcripts, on the blockchain. Airdropping final semester grades where only the right, private, blockchain address can open the information will preserve the integrity of the process.

This NFT in action, is decentralized education at its best. Learning, and knowledge, belong to the people — all the people — and not just a defined, and unrefined, private institution where information is sold, and bartered, for sale on the free market.

The blockchain is permanent reference. The blockchain protects NFT information with servitude and directness of delivery!

NFTs in education are the unwary way of the future. They are slick. They are affordable. They are trackable. They are convenient. NFTs are the right way to distribute unique content safely, and without reservation, to the absolutely right person, without question or unaffordability!