The Worst Weather for Mail Carriers

Benedetto,” our postman, rings twice and arrives again in today’s blog post.  Yesterday, I spent an hour chatting with him — “chatting” means me listening to him and not saying a word — and enjoying his wild windings and I’ll share some of the learned fascinations with you.

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FedEx Fs-Up iPhone 4S Delivery!

Oh, yeah, I’m mad!  Steaming!  Burning!  Janna and I preordered two iPhone 4S last week ago from Verizon for delivery today, and everything was going great so far — that is — until a curious FedEx delivery exception appeared on BOTH iPhone tracking pages at 11:52am this morning when the phones were supposed to arrive by 3:00pm.

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3D Movie Glasses Deliver Pink Eye

I used to make fun of advertisements for cleaning products that promised to keep your home sterile, based on lessons I had learned from my late grandmother about how over-sterilization leads to more infection. More and more doctors are coming on board and agreeing that a sterile environment ultimately weakens the immune system. When you go abroad and everyone is just fine but you suddenly get sick, it’s precisely because of this over-sterilization. However, I have come to have second thoughts about this but particularly to one aspect of life — going to see films and presentations where you are given 3D movie glasses.

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Militarized Anthrax and Drum Delivery

The media have trained us to fear Anthrax even though it is a naturally occurring substance found in the soil of any working farm.  Militarized Anthrax is not the natural Anthrax you find on a farm.  Anthrax that has been militarized means that is has been “ground up” into the tiniest possible spore form for easy transmission in the air via the wind for inhalation into the lungs.  Once Anthrax gets inside your body, your chances of survival are not very good.  Militarized Anthrax is a silent killer that takes a bit of time to develop in the body as a cause of death, so marking the time and point of infection is more difficult, and that makes Militarized Anthrax an effective, invisible, assassin.  Anthrax, and its natural danger to humans, is all around us all the time.

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UPS Fails to Deliver

It used to be that if you sent a parcel, you could expect that the parcel would arrive in a timely manner and that the parcel delivery service would be able to give you status updates on the parcel as it made its way along its route. Sure, some packages do get lost but when a company tells you that everything is okay and you can see from the facts in front of you that everything is not okay, it gets extremely aggravating.

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Neither Rain Nor Snow Nor Email

I was raised on the belief that the United States Postal Service delivered your mail anytime and anywhere you needed it. Nothing could stop the delivery of the mail.

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When Curbside Service Means: We Drop it in the Street

I’m a little late in posting this article today because my back is killing me, my wallet is weeping, and I hurt my leg yesterday trying self-deliver a 187-pound Stott Pilates Reformer I purchased from  If wishes were made my way, I’d never have the made purchase and I’ll tell you why.  First, look at my invoice below.  I’m posting it here to verify I bought the godforsakenthing and to show the ZERO charge for shipping.  That’s important to remember for later.

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