Dunlop Delrin 2.0mm Pick Review

I have been exclusively playing Fingerstyle guitar for about about a month, and while I like the sound I create on my guitar strings, I don’t like the inconsistency of my flesh-without-fingernails, and I don’t like the fact that I have a really hard time playing my three pickup Custom Les Paul — there’s a reason most Les Pauls only have two pickups — you need the extra room to fingerpick!  I also don’t like it when I fingerpick without fingernails how the bass notes sound uniquely muted while the treble strings are cloyingly harsh.  When I discovered my YouTube hero Gregor Hilden was using Dunlop Delrin 2.0 guitar picks, I decided I had to give them a try, too.

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The Gibson Historic All Gold 1956 Les Paul Gloss Review

I have a dangerous hobby.  I frequently visit the Wildwood Guitars homepage and salivate over all the great guitars they have in stock.  I’ve always wanted what I consider to be my Holy Grail Guitar — a Les Paul Gold Top with soapbar P-90 Pickups — and one day, a few weeks ago, I happened upon a Gibson Historic Custom Shop version of their hallmark 1956 guitar on the Wildwood site, and I was hooked.

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Strings Saga, Part Twenty: Back to Eleven

Welcome, once again, to my ongoing Strings Saga: Yes, I’ve Gone Back to Elevens (And, “No, We Have No Bananas)!  Yes, I know.  This is like the 20th time you’ve read a strings review from me or found out that, once again, I had changed my mind about my Favorite Strings Ever.  Welp,   today is another day, and here’s another dollar:  I’m back to .011-.049 strings — and this time — I’m staying!  I think.

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Gregor Hilden Plays the YouTube Blues

Gregor Hilden is one of those Bluesman who — once you hear a single chord he plays — forever owns your sense of what’s good and your definition of what makes The Blues intrinsically real and beautifully human.  I’ve never met Greg proper, but I feel as if I’ve known him forever — merely because I drink in his daily GregsGuitars videos on YouTube.  Four days ago, I couldn’t bear my secret delight in his talent any longer, and I posted my very first comment on a video in my long history of using YouTube:

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