I have been exclusively playing Fingerstyle guitar for about about a month, and while I like the sound I create on my guitar strings, I don’t like the inconsistency of my flesh-without-fingernails, and I don’t like the fact that I have a really hard time playing my three pickup Custom Les Paul — there’s a reason most Les Pauls only have two pickups — you need the extra room to fingerpick!  I also don’t like it when I fingerpick without fingernails how the bass notes sound uniquely muted while the treble strings are cloyingly harsh.  When I discovered my YouTube hero Gregor Hilden was using Dunlop Delrin 2.0 guitar picks, I decided I had to give them a try, too.

I had been exclusively using Dunlop Ultex 1.0mm picks and I liked them a lot, but hey, the Ultex picks hold no barre against a “Premium” Dunlop Delrin pick!

The first thing I noticed with these purple beauties is that the Delrin picks are twice as thick as my Ultex, duh!, and they are three times as slippery!  Now I have something to really hold onto, and I better hold on tight, because this is One Fast Pick!  A thicker pick gives you so much more Power.

The Delrin picks are also LOUDER than the Ultex.  I actually had to turn down my guitar because they were so much louder than the Ultex.  The Delrin sound is sharper, precise, clearer, chime-like and quieter when striking the strings.  The Ultex pick reminds me of me playing Fingerstyle without any fingernails and the Delrin pick sounds like I’m plucking the strings with my fingernails.  Who knew plastics could vary so much in tone and width and depth in performance?

The Delrin pick has a pronounced beveled edge on both sides.  That helps with mastering string plucking while still keeping the mass of the pick between your finger and thumb.

I also like how the Delrin pick gives me a much more pronounced voicing when I’m palm muting strings and playing a thumping rhythm line. When I use my fingers or the Ultex pick, that same palm muting sounds muddy and muffled. Changing to the Delrin pick makes the very same action sound so much better — the strings are muted, but still clearly “there” with a recognizable presence.

If you’re in the mood to have some fun with you pick of guitar picks, I urge you to take a look at the 2.0mm Dunlop Delrin pick — it is SuperFast and SuperClear and I think you’ll really love it when it effortlessly glides over your strings and into your heart.


    1. Definitely let us know what you think of the pick, Gordon. It makes playing the guitar a completely new experience. It should work great with your acoustic, too!

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