The Religious War on Halloween

We know there is a faux war allegedly being waged against Christmas that those on the far right-wing of the American mindset claim to fight each and every season — but let there be no doubt there is a second, more insidious, religious war being fought against the black cauldron public celebrations of Halloween.

I’ve always enjoyed Halloween.  It’s a universal, dramatic, moment in time where you can be someone else for awhile all while celebrating the changing season and the fun of each other’s imaginations.

Over the past few years or so, though, I’ve seen a dedicated effort by a religious few to remove the pumpkin spectacle from public purview.  Is protesting the wicked witch the way some hope to preserve the baby Jesus?

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Chauncey, the Killer Vampire Kitten

Chauncey was born into a large cat family. She was different than her brothers and sisters. She had long fangs that always showed — even when her mouth was closed. Sometimes her fangs glowed in the dark and scared her family.

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Do You Believe in the Scarlet Pumpkin?

We know a Scarlet Letter is the historical, puritanical, mark of an adulterer.  Do you find the modern day Maryland “Scarlet Pumpkin” below to be enough of a warning against pedophiles and violent sex offenders to be effective on Halloween eve?

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