Chauncey was born into a large cat family. She was different than her brothers and sisters. She had long fangs that always showed — even when her mouth was closed. Sometimes her fangs glowed in the dark and scared her family.

One day, her human father and mother told her she had to leave home because nobody in the house could sleep with those glowing fangs in the night.

Chauncey said she understood — even though she didn’t — and left to live in the streets. She was always hungry. She was always cold. One day, when a dog attacked her from behind, Chauncey bit him with her lovely fangs and his blood immediately soothed her hunger and quenched her thirst. She purred for the first time in her life as she licked her attacker’s bloody goo from her fangs.

As Chauncey lived in the night, she became an evening avenger. If a dog bit a cat, she settled the score and ended up with a full tummy. If a big, mean, cat stole food from a hungry little kitten, then Chauncey feasted upon a big dessert of “mean cat” blood.

Chauncey became famous in the neighborhood as the protector of the feeble and the forgotten. She never picked on anyone smaller or hungrier — there were plenty of big bullies on the street who were more than enough to keep a vampire kitten alive and well in a city that values vengeance over pity.

And so Chauncey, now immortal, and growing quite large with power and aroma, roams the alleys and the backstreets of our town, always looking for a way to do the right thing without giving in to the everlasting human sting of being forced from her cat family forever just because her people parents couldn’t see the beauty in a set of glowing fangs that kept them up — but safe and alive — all night long.


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