Must Work Always Be Memeingful?

We are taught from an early age that work is good for us.  We are routinely compressed by the idea that hard work builds character while providing for our needs.  Work is the alpha and the omega and we are never to question what lurks in between.  We are defined by our jobs.

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Hard or Soft?

by Diane Buccheri

Do you like your fitness workout hard or soft? If you like it hard, then you are most likely in for long term trouble. If you like it soft, you are not a wimp but a smart self-do-gooder.

There are two main schools of thought and practice in the general field of fitness exercise. One works your body hard from the outside and one works your body intensely from the inside. The outside hard method is most commonly practiced in fitness gyms while the inside soft method is more often practiced elsewhere (such as in my living room).

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