We are taught from an early age that work is good for us.  We are routinely compressed by the idea that hard work builds character while providing for our needs.  Work is the alpha and the omega and we are never to question what lurks in between.  We are defined by our jobs.

While we are required to work — are we also required to enjoy the job?

Must we always find meaning in memeingful work — or is it okay to just do a job without any emotional or intellectual connection to the capacity you’re trying to fill to help form the context of the world?


  1. Hi David,
    If passion and profession meet, life becomes much easier I think – if not, one can train him/ herself to enjoy what he/ she is doing.
    But I think if I work only to pay my bills – it will be hard for me to give my 100% – that’s just me – I guess.

  2. I think there’s a certain universal truth in that, Katha. If we can’t find something to love about the work we do then it becomes drudgery and prison-like.

  3. There are people who have accepted the drudgery David, I think they are somewhat oblivious about the death inside – I will just lose my sleep if I stop growing.

  4. The world has become a nation of worker zombies who are lost and scared and unable to find a way out, Katha. So they work their bones to their deaths and rarely make retirement age to enjoy the fruits of their unforgiving labor.

  5. This reminds me of a comic I used to read — Bruno. There was a character who worked in a department where he would shift boxes around all day long and he would think about literature and philosophy!

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