Blubeekuss is Not a Word

One of the most annoying things in an allegedly literate human world is when a person invents a word for a word that already has meaning and context and then tries to press that definition into others in everyday use.  I’m not talking about words like “Memeingful” or “RelationShaping” or even the colossal “Panopticonic” — all of which have base value in an original colloquial expression — no, I’m talking about “words” like “Blubeekuss” that are made up to be a synonym for “bra.”

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Must Work Always Be Memeingful?

We are taught from an early age that work is good for us.  We are routinely compressed by the idea that hard work builds character while providing for our needs.  Work is the alpha and the omega and we are never to question what lurks in between.  We are defined by our jobs.

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Finding Memeing Auto-Tuning

The transmission of the news has evolved significantly in the last century. We have moved from a point in time in which newspapers were published twice a day and the term “breaking news” had some real significance to a point where print newspapers are struggling to survive and news is broken within milliseconds of it happening, not hours or days later. With an increasing number of copy editors getting fired and cable channels dedicated to news that ultimately is more filler than real news, where is a person to turn for real informative news that is interesting as well?

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You Mean What I Do Not

Words and meaning can create different contexts based on cultural usage alone.  While English speakers prefer to assign blame — “She broke the bowl!” — Spanish and Japanese cultures focus more on the event — “The bowl broke itself.”  That sort of action shifting can make a mess when it comes to universal human understanding and, yet, we wouldn’t want it any other way. 

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Containing Content

As the world of publishing changes, so too, does the way we create containers for content.  It used to be enough to have paper and ink.  Now we have a virtual world where mere replication is the business recipe of the day, but the real, inherent, power of original content is that it cannot really be contained because it is always transmogrifying into multiple, redistributable forms depending upon end user need and desire.  Content isn’t king.  How the end user changes the content container is king.

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No Idea is Forever

We know a promise only lives as long as the one making the promise, and today we must confess that no idea is forever. 

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Memory or Meme or Me?

Which comes first:  The Memory or the Meme or Me?

The meme — the invisible sharing of knowledge — comes before the memory.  The exchange of thoughts and ideas creates the expectation of moments and the living makes the shared memory.

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