From Moonbeam to Sunburn

The sun is danger and invective. The moon is hope and narcissism. We turn our eyes to the moon, and we see a man staring back; we turn our heads to the sun and are blinded by the daring. The moon soothes. The sun punishes. The moon beams and becomes us. The sun burns and loathes us. We have dipped a human toe in moon dust. We have now, finally, eyed the fiery sun, up close, but through a glass darkly.

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The Blistering Wind

The body is an amazing mechanism.  It regulates heat and cold.  It does its best to protect us from harm.  Our bodies are our last stand against the weather.

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Loving Electricity as Jersey City Melts

Jersey City is melting!

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Jersey City Burning

Yesterday, Jersey City was aglow in hellfire. Three separate fires were simultaneously burning on the morning of August 8. All 135 Jersey City firefighters on duty were working the fires and 70 firefighters from neighboring areas like North Hudson Fire and Rescue, Hoboken, Secaucus, Newark, Nutley and Harrison joined the fight. 14 firefighters were injured at the fire on our block alone.

Jersey City Fire Department

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