Defending Hey Monday

One of the greatest joys of living an online life is the ability to celebrate, and defend, the goodness you find in the world against the crassness crashing around us, and today, we are leaping — nay, racing — to the defense of the new smash musical group, “Hey Monday” and their delightful lead singer, Cassadee Pope.

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Hey from Hi and Other Colloquial Quirks

When, exactly, did “Hey!” replace “Hi!” as a standard greeting?

I think I’ve been using “Hey!” for “Hi!” for at least five years — but I’m not sure of the when or why.

Was there some sea change in a cultural colloquialism I missed?

Divining Meaning in Hey Jude

I love the Beatles. Their songs have informed the joys and the sorrows across the arc of my life.
One of the best Beatles songs is “Hey Jude” — written for Julian Lennon by Paul McCartney upon the dissolution of John Lennon’s first marriage — and I have always wondered about the meaning of a particular bit of lyric in that song.

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