One of the greatest joys of living an online life is the ability to celebrate, and defend, the goodness you find in the world against the crassness crashing around us, and today, we are leaping — nay, racing — to the defense of the new smash musical group, “Hey Monday” and their delightful lead singer, Cassadee Pope.

Hey Monday are sponsored by Fender, and they performed two songs “live” in a Fender showroom.

Here’s the first performance of their snappy, “How Do You Love Me Now?

Followed by by the haunting, “Homecoming.”

The YouTube comments against Cassadee and her band were overwhelmingly brutal and Fender necessarily deleted those offensive remarks.

I follow the official Fender — fendermusical — channel on YouTube and there is always something new and fresh and interesting on that channel and when I first heard Cassadee’s voice, I was enthralled and became a forever fan.

I favorited the Hey Monday videos from Fender on my Facebook page:

You are seeing a rough performance from the showroom of the Fender office in AZ so I’m sure lots of things are missing from the performance.

I agree Cassadee has a terrific voice and we have to keep in mind she’s singing over four acoustic guitars and she’s poorly mic’d and yet she still cuts through all that mess with a beautiful melody and joyous tone.

Fender deleted a lot of the nasty comments on the Hey Monday videos and I’m glad they did because the criticisms were cruel and unwarranted. How many young bands can sing that raw and unprotected with only acoustic guitars? Few, if any. Britney couldn’t do to. Madonna couldn’t do it. Cassadee does it.

As well… the YouTube commenters forget these live performances are more about those four branded guitars taken down from the rack with their stickers still on them than creating a perfect live performance.

I hope you’ll give Hey Monday a good, hard, listen and allow Cassadee to take you far away from here and into her land of wondermental singing and gracious, infectious, warmth… for those are the very essences of a young star bright in the night sky.


  1. Hi David,
    First of all, thanks for introducing me to the group – Cassadee’s voice is just golden, so are the songs.
    As I have a habit of listening one particular song over and over I did the same and every time it enjoyed it more.
    Performing only with the acoustic guitars shows her real talent…my best wishes for the group!!

  2. I’m with you all the way, Katha! It is moments like we had on Facebook just now that make me really grateful we have a larger platform on the blogs to really get some good energy into the open world. I’m with you on the preciousness of Cassadee’s booming voice — the fact that she can even be heard at all over those guitars speaks to her great control and ability to balance. Which of the two Hey Monday songs do you find more pleasing?

  3. “Homecoming” is my favourite – both the melody and the tune…
    I agree with you, the band is strong, talented and dynamic, most importantly they are not crass like most other contemporary groups.
    And yes, Facebook rocks!! I don’t like a quiet you… 🙂

  4. I like “Homecoming” a lot, too, Katha. It does have a nice emotional punch that really makes the lyric sing. Facebook is definitely a good place for growing ideas and finding interconnections. Usually we feed into Facebook, but today, Facebook fed us into the outside world and that’s a good thing to help sustain a strong, dynamic, flow.

  5. I am sorry, I meant – “both the lyrics and the melody” in my previous comment. I know I am sleepy.
    Yes, at times Facebook feeds us – works the other way round I guess, glad the discussion helped!

  6. Facebook tends to make people narcissistic David, unless one is careful enough not to fall in the trap.

  7. I can see how that happens, Katha. Someone on Facebook accused me of having a “virus” because I was posting the blog articles on my wall. I was sort of surprised by that accusation and instead of asking what she meant, I just “de-friended” her.

  8. That’s ridiculous. If you post your own blog articles on your wall — that shouldn’t be anyone’s business.
    Anyway, I am glad you favorited Hey Monday, that’s how I came to know about the group and enjoyed! Thanks for that!

  9. Yes, I thought that was strange that someone was objecting to me posting links to content I wrote. Maybe they just wanted me chatting about what I had for breakfast? I do like how many of these services can feed each other information to form a greater understanding. YouTube and Facebook and FriendFeed are made for each other!

  10. Great music, David. I really enjoyed the joining of the four guitars and the powerful vocals.

  11. Thanks for the update, Gordon! That sort of live performance is becoming rarer and rarer today. You have to actually have talent to pull it off.

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