We are fascinated by the ongoing rise of Fibromyalgia as the latest “must have” designer disease diagnosis so all those ghostly aches and pains and emotional ills and valleys can finally be validated by the medical community by writing a prescription; but the most disturbing trend is in the purposeful use of ADHD as a valid excuse for unrestricted bad behavior.

ADHD has become the new rallying cry for parents to disassociate themselves from the gross, public, behavior of their rotting children.  “I’m a good parent.  ADHD is the reason he’s uncontrollable, not my lack of good child rearing skills.”

A generation ago, the excuse for a misbehaving brat was “being from a broken home” and before that, “his mother died in childbirth” and before that, “he gave up a rib to create woman, for chrissakes!”

We are especially enthralled by the “good parents” who parade around their ADHD kids and then profess that they refuse to medicate their ADHD diagnosis for the goodness of the child and the detriment to the entire humanity of man. 

Those parents merely want the sympathy of the diagnosis without the consequence of the medical intervention and in that vile act of violence against their own children and our society, those “good parents” make it clear ADHD was invented to serve their selfish, crooked, wishes than to help label and heal the misery of their wilding offspring.


  1. If ADHD is the other name of a certificate of mis-behaving, I truly feel for the kids…

  2. Hi David,
    I know what ADHD stands for, what I meant to say was if it is used as a get away of bad behavior then it is truly sad.

  3. I added the ADHD definition, Katha, because I realized after your comment that some people in the world may not fully understand the meaning of the diagnosis. I just wanted to round out the topic.
    In the USA, ADHD is now becoming the excuse of the day for the bad behavior of children and many parents are self-diagnosing the condition without getting the proper medical attention — or medication — or really finding out if that’s what’s bugging their kids or not.

  4. It reminds me of the throngs of people that rush for the escalator and then say that genetics is why so many people in the US are obese. There are so many excuses and there is not enough action being taken to correct the bad behaviour.

  5. We’re in a sorry state where excuses have become more valuable than visible action. The Dr.’s Note has replaced the evening homework regimen for even college age students, Gordon. So many young kids are looking for a way out of their duty than just settling down and getting it done.

  6. I’ve seen those brats on the public busses. David, what is wrong with these kids today? Is it the parents or the environment they’re being raised in? Return me to the days of the good spanking and the field switch.

  7. I’m not a fan of corporal punishment for children, Anne. I think it only teaches them to respond to bad behavior with violence. I think the social womb is weakened as we become more internal and that means when the children are produced in the public spotlight they don’t really have any idea how to properly behave. Instead of modeling the right behavior, the parents are medicating/self-diagnosing the children to cover their faults in parenting.

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