Do You Need 50,000 IU of Vitamin D?

I had a chat with my dermatologist the other day, and she told me that Vitamin D deficiency is the biggest, and hottest buzz, word in medical science today.  Some signs of being deficient in Vitamin D are:  Aches and pains, depression, chronic fatigue, weight loss, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and osteoporosis.  Is Fibromyalgia really just an indicator of a Vitamin D deficiency?

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Is Electromagnetic Radiation Illness the New Fibromyalgia?

We have seen medical quackery over and over again in the last few years, ranging from the horrid Fibromyalgia to pre-glaucoma. In the last few years, people who most likely once wore tin helmets to prevent the government from reading their minds started making an appearance in the forms of complaints made about cities that have freely available wi-fi.

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Reveling in ADHD

We are fascinated by the ongoing rise of Fibromyalgia as the latest “must have” designer disease diagnosis so all those ghostly aches and pains and emotional ills and valleys can finally be validated by the medical community by writing a prescription; but the most disturbing trend is in the purposeful use of ADHD as a valid excuse for unrestricted bad behavior.

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Medical Fakery and the Intentional Placebo Effect

I have always claimed fibromyalgia is a fake disease of victimization invented by doctors to pad their bottom line by prescribing drugs to give hypochondriac patients psychological cover for a broken mind — that tries to adversely effect the body — but fails.

This week, the further proof of my argument was provided in a study indicating fifty percent of American doctors routinely prescribe placebos for their patients and similar results were reported for doctors in Denmark, Israel, Britain, Sweden and New Zealand.

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No Word for Depression

We rely on words to define us.  If we try to express a specific condition without the right words attached, we become lost and we are unable to clearly understand each other.  While teaching one of my Public Health courses, a group discussion about clinical depression led us into an examination of the word “depression” and how the home cultures of some of the students’ parents did not allow, or define, the concept of “depression” in a serious, medical, sense.

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Is Pre-Glaucoma the New Fibromyalgia?

Is “Pre-Glaucoma” the new “Fibromyalgia” — an invented medical label meant to scare via “diagnosis” without medical certainty? Is “Pre-Glaucoma” a new insurance power naming scheme invented to earn easy money for doctors by giving them the means to get paid by checking off a box on a form? 

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Labeling Disease: Fibromyalgia as Hypochondria

Yesterday, we discussed the importance of doctors loving their patients and today I want to turn our eye to the responsibility of the patient in the medical dyad, especially those patients that demand to label their illness — even if one does not exist — for their imagined sickness. It isn’t enough today to just be sick.

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