We have seen medical quackery over and over again in the last few years, ranging from the horrid Fibromyalgia to pre-glaucoma. In the last few years, people who most likely once wore tin helmets to prevent the government from reading their minds started making an appearance in the forms of complaints made about cities that have freely available wi-fi.

The problem is, of course, that it just isn’t real. Despite the fact that people like this man in New Mexico claims that he was forced into homelessness due to his sensitivity to wi-fi, all scientific studies have shown that such sensitivity is purely psychosomatic.

Meanwhile, a city in South Africa struggled with certain residents who were convinced that they were getting rashes because of a broadband tower and the power of its radiation.

Craigavon Task Force members remained unimpressed, and according to Van Zyl the residents reiterated their viewpoint that their ongoing health problems were caused by the tower. “At the meeting on the 16th of November 2009 a number of residents and their staff confirmed that they were still experiencing symptoms such as rashes, headaches and the like and that these symptoms disappear when they leave the vicinity of the tower.”

It wasn’t too long before the complainers got a large slap in the face when they were confronted with a sobering reality.

What Craigavon residents were unaware of is that the tower had already been switched off in early October – six weeks before the November meeting where residents confirmed the continued ailments they experienced.

It doesn’t end there. What’s worse than a fake illness? How about a fake cure for the fake illness? Or perhaps we should live life under a veil?

How much more snake oil will be created for the selling to the unwitting masses? How many more fake illnesses have to be created before people wake up to the fact that they are being swindled?


  1. Oooooooooooo! I love this article, Gordon! It is rich in detail and insanity. I love how people “invent” illnesses to feel better about their lot in life — but when the medical community gets in bed with these wackos, everyone in society suffers!

  2. Thanks, David! 🙂 The bigger the possible cash pot, the more likely the fake illness will be invented 😮

  3. Right-O! Gordon! Follow the stink of the money against the flesh and you’ll find the business and purpose of mainstream modern American medicine. Someone on Facebook “liked” this article of yours! Oh, yeah!

  4. Gordon, what a topic! I had no idea!
    Rashes, headaches for a wi-fi toewr that was switched off?? And people are being treated for this? I understand the patients are delusional, but the medicine providers? What a joke.

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