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The Dying Artful Adaptation

Adapting one piece of art from one thing into another is a dying craft because too many people believe they are capable of making that transition seamless and artistically irrevocable when they are really only able to serve their own selfish aesthetic.

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Gives Me Hope or Gives Me Giggles?

A few months ago we expressed our dissatisfaction with the dwelling in the muck website FMyLife.
I wondered to myself if there could be any hope online if such web
sites were flourishing so well. The answer to my question came in the
form of GivesMeHope.

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The Real Face of War

This horrific image — a true Urban Semiotic — is making the rounds of the Internets today along with lots of breast-beating and self-immolation over the appropriateness of showing this child killed in a car-bomb explosion in Baquba, Iraq yesterday.  15 people were killed, including seven policemen.  Twenty others were wounded.

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Columbia University Gets Googled

We were displeased to learn Columbia University is tumbling down the Google tube:

Columbia University has partnered with Google, Inc. to digitize select public domain printed volumes in the University Libraries’ collections and make them available online using Google Book Search. The digitization project will provide teachers, students, scholars, and readers around the world with an unprecedented ability to search, locate, and read books from the University’s collections. The digital collection resulting from this project significantly advances Columbia’s ability to serve its academic community, as well as readers worldwide.

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Mandatory Writing Test for All Politicians

I am convinced all candidates for public office should be given a timed, public, writing test so we can witness in live time the real logic of their mental process and reasoning.

Do we appreciate their arguments and rationale?

A writing test confirms or disproves if the candidate is true, educated, and appropriately emotionally expressive.

A writing test gives us the best educated insight into the confirmed person beyond the fluff and the handlers and those who “shape the message.”

You cannot hide from your words or the consequences of your thoughts.

Duty as the Moral Imperative

In my previous article, Happiness is Overrated, I argued the mark of being alive was misery and not happiness and finding the light in darkness is our greatest task of living. Today, I expand that argument to foment the idea that Love, as well as Happiness, is equally unimportant and overrated in our lives and that we must return Duty as our moral imperative.


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