When Sunny Gets Blue and Sunshine Blows Through the Blues

“When Sunny Gets Blue” is one of the greatest Blues/Jazz songs ever written. You can sing it slow and creeping with an oozing loss, or you can snap it up and make the song fast and raspy.  The lyric is especially keen — you can take it as a comment on a personality, or a conundrum of living in the sunshine when the world is dark around you:

When Sunny gets blue, her eyes get gray and cloudy,
Then the rain begins to fall, pitter-patter, pitter-patter,
Love is gone, so what can matter,
Ain’t no new lover man come to call.

Many of us probably have a Sunny or two in our lives — some versions gloomier than others, but today, I want to share a 10-second memory of a ray of sun.  Her friends and co-workers call her “Sunshine” and the name fits her without a fog.

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Gives Me Hope or Gives Me Giggles?

A few months ago we expressed our dissatisfaction with the dwelling in the muck website FMyLife.
I wondered to myself if there could be any hope online if such web
sites were flourishing so well. The answer to my question came in the
form of GivesMeHope.

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The Joylessness of Proposition 8

When Californians recently denied the right for same-sex marriages to be valid in their state, a great hatred was perpetuated against the minority interest in favor of the cruel majority.

People that are drawn to each other will find love any way they can — be it legal or not.

So why not legalize the union to make everyone a greater part of the whole?

To discourage community and neighbors and bonding is to destroy society from the inside out — and the legal recantation of love in California
— will only make the broken bonds even stronger.

What Was Won

Barack Obama is the President-Elect of the United States.  In 11 weeks he will be sworn in as the 44th President of these United States.  In the image below, an artist has reversed the biological history of the candidates to reflect Obama as a wholly White Man — with John Edwards’ infamous Nancy-boy haircut — and John McCain as a Black Man.  If the image had truth instead of imagination — and the only thing changed in both men was the color of their skin — would John McCain have even been the Republican nominee?

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An American Election

If you live in the United States, and if you are registered to vote — we urge you to stand in line all day if you have to, and cast a vote for Barack Obama — to win back what was lost.

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Miracle Myth Memes and the Propagation of Hope in Wen Chuan

The recent earthquake in Wen Chuan, China gives us a moment to reflect on our mortality in sorrow, express a renewed appreciation for being alive, and an opportunity to learn how we grieve and how we always try to look for stories of hope in the propagation of news from a disaster site.

I call those propagated stories of incredible survival — “Miracle Myth Memes” — and they are a fascinating cultural salve against the unthinkable.

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