Barack Obama is the President-Elect of the United States.  In 11 weeks he will be sworn in as the 44th President of these United States.  In the image below, an artist has reversed the biological history of the candidates to reflect Obama as a wholly White Man — with John Edwards’ infamous Nancy-boy haircut — and John McCain as a Black Man.  If the image had truth instead of imagination — and the only thing changed in both men was the color of their skin — would John McCain have even been the Republican nominee?

The overwhelming support for Barack Obama yesterday was a historic shattering of a memeingful stereotype that hurt us all more than it helped the Racist few. 

Those of us that stood shoulder-to-shoulder with our neighbors to vote for Barack were casting a wish upon the ocean that the hatred and the despair of the Rigid Right Wing would be forever silenced with goodness.

When Barack and Michelle cast their votes yesterday — with their young children by their hips — it was a monumental moment of national glee, human parity and a re-definition of The American Way.

Now the Republicans are left with the ashes of a movement that was dead eight years ago in the midst of two stolen elections.

However, I am convinced that it took John Kerry’s tragic, misbegotten, stolen, unfair, infuriating, loss in 2004 to create the necessary, furious, backlash for an overwhelming Barack Obama win today. 

If Kerry had won, he would’ve been running for re-election in 2008 and John Edwards would be the next Democrat in line for the presidency.

The Barack and Hillary sideshow would’ve been pushed off to 2020 or beyond if they ever stood a chance to really compete against each other.

Let’s hope this is the last we’ve seen of Sarah Palin on a national, political, stage — but I doubt it. She’s had a taste of presidential manna and she won’t be going home and getting lost in Alaska any time soon.


Palin believes she’s the new standard-bearer for a party of miscreants, and perhaps, having her sink the Republicans even farther down the rabbit hole is the best thing for America in the long run. 

She certainly will blame McCain for the loss and never herself.

Now Barack Obama must stand to save the nation to save the world and, unlike his predecessor, Obama understands how dire a threat he faces.  The USA is out of money, blood, bodies, and the gumption to wage never-ending war.

On the night of his landslide victory over Hoover, in 1932, in the
depths of the Great Depression, Roosevelt had an intimate conversation with his son James:

“You know, Jimmy,” Franklin said, “all my life I have been afraid of only one thing–fire. Tonight I think I’m afraid of something else.”

“Afraid of what, Pa?”

“I’m just afraid that I may not have the strength to do this job.” He paused reflectively. “After you leave me tonight, Jimmy, I am going to pray. I am going to pray that God will help me, that he will give me the strength and the guidance to do this job and to do it right. I hope that you will pray for me, too, Jimmy.”

Can Barack Obama still save America?

63 million people — 52% — voted their belief that Barack is the man of our moments. 

We will give him our best. 

We will offer him our hands. 

We will bare our backs for him. 

We will struggle with him to set the United States back on the fast track for humanity and goodness — but we all know it will take a lot of time and a lot of earned effort.

What do you think President Obama should fix first?  Should he create jobs?  Save the home market?  Pull us out of the Middle East?  Salvage the public education system?  Fix Social Security?  Ensure we all have proper national healthcare? 

Where do we begin to start to feel good again after the swoon of the election strips us back into a cruel world?


  1. Hi David!
    The great thing about this is not that a black man won but that the better person won inspite of the colour of his skin.
    I think the bleeding must be stopped first and Obama should probably start with pulling out of the middle east.

  2. Hi Dananjay —
    I agree skin color shouldn’t matter — but it is undeniable that a lot of Blacks voted for the first time in their lives yesterday because Barack was Black like them.
    I don’t think Obama will do much in the Middle East at the start of his presidency. I think that’s a dangerous ground that will prove more tar pit than fast exit.
    I wonder if his first mandate should be a $15 billion jobs program followed by a restructuring of every mortgage in America so people can stay in their homes. Both those ideas take a lot of money — and we’re out of it right now because most of our money is drowning to rebuild Iraq.

  3. Yes, David. I was following the coverage on BBC and a few interviews of people and gatherings seemed to suggest just as much. When Obama has always stayed above regressive identity politics.
    I’m sure he’ll surround himself with good advice and he’ll do what will most probably turn out to be the right thing in the long run.

  4. What he should do first is take a break – take time to reflect on the momentous last week. He needs space and time to mourn and lay to rest his grandmother and to be with family.
    He she use the hand over period to gather good people around him whilst spending time with his family – he should enjoy thanksgiving and Christmas before taking up the reins of the biggest challenge he will ever face.
    He should be choosing his staff.
    His team should be looking at what measures will beat meet the electorates expectations of him – if I were him I would do one “quick fix” if there is one -for an immediate lift – then put in place longer term measures which will revive America’s fortunes.

  5. I’m sure he’ll take some time off, Nicola, but I am concerned that he get off to a bright start. He’ll have a couple of months of goodwill in February and March and then both sides will begin to turn on him. He’ll need to quickly decide what is most important for his immediate agenda.

  6. I agree – the time off and thinking and preparing should be done between now and when he takes office.
    He needs to be looking at the most economical way of achieving maximum feel good factor in the shortest time ……….

  7. He has a big job now, Nicola, because we are in a terrible knot and there isn’t a single, painless, way out of the untying. He’s going to have to hurt a lot of people to move us forward and the people that will be hurt the most are his most adoring followers.

  8. I hope he starts with Health Insurance. 🙂 That’s why my mother voted for him.

  9. I think a jobs bill will have to be in there too, Gordon. It won’t be FDR’s WPA building streets and bridges and buildings, but he needs to deliver immediate jobs somehow everywhere so people can stay in their houses and pay their student loans and credit cards. Let them get paid to teach or provide community services or something.
    Healthcare is also paramount. We should have the same coverage the congress has — they serve us, we should not be lesser then they are when it comes to the basic right of good health.

  10. The saying No Pain – no gain comes to mind – explaining that to the electorate and his followers is another matter.
    I have faith that he will move your country forward and soon.
    I think his understanding of other cultures and religions will will foster better feeling abroad – I think avenues of external interest and investment will open up and people will once again be proud to do business with America.
    Under Bush there has been a feeling of liking many individual Americans but not liking them as a nation – I think last night has put a stop to that particular rot and that America will be more welcome in the world and that has to be a good thing both diplomatically and financially.

  11. Love the POV from abroad, Nicola, thank you. I agree Obama’s beautiful face immediately changes the entire perception of America both at home and in the world. He is smart and worldly and he’s from the South Side of Chicago — so he knows how to fight and win when things get dirty. He’ll be itching to show he isn’t weak — so any nation or madman hoping to challenge him will find death the quickest end.

  12. Strength through dignity and perseverance.
    We will be rooting for him all the way.

  13. Hi David,
    It’s a great feeling to write today, as if I am addressing a completely new and different country!
    To answer your question whether Barack Obama could still save America, I think he can. I was glued to the TV listening his speech, I was observing him – he was touching and genuine. He connected, immediately bonded with everybody who was listening to him. I think that’s important.
    I think his first move will be to reassure his fellow people recovering the current crisis, following putting a stop to the war.
    I prefer to hope for the best and wish you all luck once again!

  14. I appreciate your fine world view, Katha! It does feel like a new America. Let’s hope that good feeling lasts a long time and gets important healing done.

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