Kirkland Signature Green Tea Matcha Blend Review

We are crazy about Ito En and their tea.  We recently discovered another Ito En gem:  Kirkland Signature Green Tea Matcha Blend.  We can’t stop drinking it — hot or cold!

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Ronnie Earl Blues Guitar with Soul DVD Review

In our final — for now! — Hot Licks DVD series Blues review, Ronnie Earl joins us to teach us how to play “Blues Guitar with Soul.”  One thing you gotta love about Ronnie’s teaching style is that he’s relaxed and calm.  There are audio problems with the DVD as his voice fades in and out.  At times, Ronnie seems a little confused and uncertain — a kinder editor could’ve saved him from those broadcast lapses in memory — and the included printed TABs are poor quality and hard to read.

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Arlen Roth Licks You 150 Times

Arlen Roth is a SuperGenius guitar teacher who invented the “Hot Licks” series of instructional DVDs.  My favorite Arlen Roth video is “150 Electric Hot Licks for Rock, Blues, Country, Rockabilly and R&B Guitar.”  A “lick” is a short musical passage that punctuates a song.  Some songs are made from many licks linked together.

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Buddy Guy Teachin' The Blues

Buddy Guy is an amazing, old school, Blues guitar teacher. He stars in “Buddy Guy Teachin’ The Blues” as part of Arlen Roth’s excellent Hot Licks DVD series.

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Note to Parents: Hot Things Burn Your Children

I am never at a loss for amazement when it comes to the stupidity of inane parents. It has been hot in New York City this week.  The streets are hot.  Sand on the beach is hot.  Black rubber playground mats are hot.  Those basic facts of living still do not appear to scare some parents into proactively protecting their children from running around barefoot and getting burned when that danger to life and limb is completely avoidable by invoking common sense and human decency.

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The Retirement Trend Toward Colder Climates

Forget Florida and Arizona as the final destination of carefree living for retirees.

Over the next generation, Colorado and Minnesota will become the new safe-haven for those wishing to spend their Golden Years in comfort as Global Warming trends continue to suffocate and fry us.

No one will want to face the steaming oceans or the baking desert in the coming perpetual heat wave.

We will instead seek out the solace of the cold and the soothing of the snow in order to preserve our burning bodies and to calm our boiling minds.

Hot-Desking for Dummies

There’s a new trend afoot in academe that sends shudders through the spine of anyone who hoped privacy and intimacy would be preserved for those who dedicate their lives to teaching others. This trend not only threatens the ivy tower. It will soon infect every office in the world. The Scotsman reports Hot-Desking is the newest way to save money by punishing faculty and the students:

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