We are crazy about Ito En and their tea.  We recently discovered another Ito En gem:  Kirkland Signature Green Tea Matcha Blend.  We can’t stop drinking it — hot or cold!

There are so many cool things about Kirkland Signature Green Tea Matcha Blend that make it the best green tea in the world and you should be able to find a box of 100 teabags online for under $20.00USD delivered.

The first thing that makes the Kirkland Matcha Blend so fine is that it only takes 20-30 SECONDS to brew a cup of hot tea.  That’s it!  That’s more of a dip than a steeping.  Don’t dunk your teabag.  Just let it sit, undisturbed.

When you’re done steeping your hot tea for 20 seconds, you lift the teabag from the water and bounce it exactly three times above your cup to let the last remaining bits of juiciness drip into the brewed tea below.

Never twist any teabag around a spoon to wring out the last bits of the brewed tea with the dipping string because it makes your tea harsh and bitter.  Don’t pinch your brewed teabags between thumb and forefinger, either.  We don’t take the leftover grounds from our coffeemakers and squeeze the wet grounds into cups of coffee.  Just bounce three times and be done.

Finally, and this is the best part ever, you take your original Kirkland Green Tea foil teabag envelope, turn it upside down so the open slit is facing your steaming tea, and you give it a few taps to release the leftover Matcha lingering in the envelope into your tea. 

The beauty of Kirkland’s Green Tea is that it has Matcha already in the
teabag and because the Matcha is so finely ground, you have to coax the
last escaped bits of it out of the envelope.

Matcha is heavier than the brewed tea around it, so the Matcha will sink
to the bottom of your cup waiting for you to swallow it all with the
last swirl or two from your teacup.

Matcha, if you don’t know, is a finely ground tea that you swallow whole — and it is amazingly delicious and filled with catechins and vitamins.

You can also make cold-brewed tea with Kirkland.  Just let the teabag steep for five minutes in cold water — instead of 20 seconds in hot water — and you’re done!  Don’t forget the Matcha tapping when you’re done!  Cold Matcha Green Tea has a killer-good taste.

One final note on tea making in general:  Never use water hotter than
175F or you will burn the tea and make a bitter cup for the sipping. 

you’re a Huge Green Tea — then you already know the mystical healing
powers of the fine green leaves — and if you’re fresh to drinking Green
Tea, then buying a box of Kirkland will immediately do your body a
world of good from the first sipping to the final swirling.


  1. I am drinking Stash Tea until I can get my hands on Kirkland again. I absolutely love this tea, however I don’t have a Costco Wholesale Card. That is where you can buy it off the shelf. It’s a lot cheaper than buying it online, and everyone online seems to rake you across the coals on shipping. If anyone knows somewhere I can get this tea for $20.00, let me know. ssgsoja@hotmail.com

  2. Hi, I just bought this product, and am a little confused, sorry if I sound a little dumb. My question is basically the following:
    Once I leave the teabag sit for 30 secs on the cup with hot water, I take the teabag out with the open slit facing down, but I do not have the open the bag, and let the content get into the hot water, right?
    sorry I may sound like a very dumb person but on the package the info is a little confusing. I know I do not have to press it, but is it like just moving it up and down several times so that any little piece of the tea falls into the water without opening the plastic bag?

    1. Right Juan. Just brew it like regular tea. Do not open the teabag. The matcha will seep out of the bag. You can empty the extra matcha from the envelope that held the teabag into the tea to get it all in there. Let us know how it goes.

  3. Well I finally broke down and got my Costco Card a few months ago, and I’ve been buying Kirkland Green Tea 2 boxes of a 100 at a time. I drink at least 6 cups a day. I love it and I can’t get enough of it. I like my tea a more little brisk, so I let the bag steep for about a minute at least. I’m paying about $13 a box at Costco and it was worth the $50 membership fee.
    Once I put the tea bag in the water, I twist the bag back and forth with my index finger and thumb to get the remaining matcha powder out. If anyone is having problems getting this particular brand of tea, let me know and I’ll get it for you when I go, and only charge cost plus shipping. Thanks, Keith

  4. I have a funny story about this tea-
    My partner teacher and I were in Portland, Oregon for professional development. We decided to have lunch at a random Thai restaurant. We were blown away by the food and especially enjoyed their green tea. Well, three years later, we were back in Portland and happened upon the same restaurant. I asked the waiter if I could buy one of the tea bags so I could find their amazing tea locally or online. After many a story about “the best green tea ever”, I was gladly blown away to find it was from Costco. My happy search for the best green tea ever is over and have been enjoying cup after cup for many weeks now!

  5. Hi Everyone Thanks for all the great information regarding the green tea from Costco. I was wondering if anyone knew if it has caffeine. I don’t drink anything with caffeine, but love green tea.

  6. Hi there, I live in Germany and heard about the Matcha Blend green tea from my mom in the USA, and would love to try it, but, unfortunately I am not able to find it here in Tea bags, or even to order online. I would be travelling on Tuesday 7th June and love to be able to take some with me. Can someone please advise me on how to get this Tea here on my side of the world? :o)

    Natasha Mc Laren

  7. It’s pretty amazing tea. It’s a big step up in caffeine from what I know to be traditional paper style bags I’ve used. Great stuff, I’m really glad I can find it somewhere as convenient as Costco. 🙂

  8. Hi Good day. My friend bought me this when he went to states. But its already running out. Do you have any ideas where I can buy this green tea here in the Philippines? Your response will be a great of help.

    1. It’s available here in Davao City. I wanted to try it so I decided to buy 1 sachet of it. It costs 0.32$ or Php 13.00.

  9. Hi, I drink this tea by the gallons and I never thought to ask how much caffeine there is it in. There is no mention on the box. Any idea’s????? Thanx

  10. Amazon has it right now for about $12 for a box of 100. About the same price as Costco and no membership required!

    1. Annette,
      Yes it does. Green tea actually has a lot of caffeine but it’s full of vitamins and minerals and also anti-oxidants. Hopefully you have already delivered a healthy baby, but my Jpnse mom drank green tea with all her babies including me and we came out fine. Or at least I would like to think so. ; )

  11. I’ve tried many, many, Many, different green teas, and this is absolutely my favorite kind! others are to bitter, and thank you on the tip of how high the temperature must go, cuz I’ve boiled the water and used it and It tasted nasty! and I think I’ve had side effects to it: trouble sleeping, and restlessness, but that doesn’t stop me from drinking it!!

  12. My husband and I have been reading reviews on Kirkland Matcha green tea. We also read the box, but can’t find any info on how much caffeine is in it. If someone wanted to avoid caffeine, or have only a small amount, would this tea be a problem?
    Thanks for your help!

    1. If you’re caffeine-sensitive, I wouldn’t risk the tea. All the decaffeinated teas I drink are pretty bold about identifying that fact on the box and other packaging.

    2. I’m sure it’s a bit on the high side due to the matcha, which is concentrated, although you do not get a lot of matcha in these bags due to cost. Matcha, the really good stuff, is VERY expensive. If you are avoiding caffeine due to an issue with sleep I’d recommend you stop drinking it after 6, 7 pm.

      As far as health benefits there’s nothing better we can drink for wellness than green tea IMO. My Jpnse mom is a testament to that, my grandmother as well and she rarely drank anything apart from green tea and water and lived to almost 95 with no serious illness.

  13. This tea is a significant part of my diet that I am currently bloging about. I will be adding a link to this blog onto mine so that my readers can learn more about this wonderful tea! 🙂

  14. We love this tea. We brew it in an automatic coffee drip pot, 1 bag per pot. It works great. I was wondering why does the tea darken in the cup the longer it sits? Still tastes great.

    1. Michael—you stated that you use only one kirklands green tea bag per pot in your drip coffee maker? One tea bag of green tea makes an entire coffee pot of tea? Could you give a little more info please? thanks!

  15. Hi, I just recently had my first drink of Kirklands signature green tea. I read about green tea being good for you and all but not any specific benefits. Can someone who knows more about this tea inform me about the benefits. Thank you.

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