The New Go Inside Magazine!

Welcome to the new look of Go Inside Magazine!  Go Inside Magazine officially started with the domain in 1996, but we have been publishing on the internet since 1990 as “Internet Insider” and under other transitory and transitional names.  For all those years, we were a static HTML magazine and then, yesterday, January 27, 2011, we made the big change to dynamic publishing — and Go Inside is now hosted on as the newest member of the now 14-blog strong Boles Blogs Network!

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Confessions of a Novice Webmaster

by Terry Gardiner

As a novice Webmaster I’ll go out on a limb here and say: “I love Microsoft”! This company has given me software that has made my computing life a pleasure. I don’t use their browser but everything else that Windows 95 has to offer, has made my internet experience high caliber. Making a very complicated tool work easily for the masses has enabled most John Doe types to access, download and unzip software, that can enhance writing and graphic ability which can parallel the work of top professionals. Brainstorming ideas and content for the website was hard enough for me and without the exciting website software that is available today I could have never been successful at the Webguardian website final product.

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