Welcome to the new look of Go Inside Magazine!  Go Inside Magazine officially started with the GoInside.com domain in 1996, but we have been publishing on the internet since 1990 as “Internet Insider” and under other transitory and transitional names.  For all those years, we were a static HTML magazine and then, yesterday, January 27, 2011, we made the big change to dynamic publishing — and Go Inside is now hosted on WordPress.com as the newest member of the now 14-blog strong Boles Blogs Network!

Here’s how our old, dead, website used to look:

Here’s the current look of our new header as an alive blog:

The decision to make Go Inside a blog and not a website was a tough one.  I always wanted to more easily get new articles published in Go Inside Magazine after the rise of blogging took over my fresh writing life — but the way the former site was set up, we had all our articles in static HTML files and it took a lot of Old Skool hand-coding to publish new work.  Then, once a new article was online, there was no way to easily notify our loyal readers of new content.  We had no RSS feed.  We had no simple way to search on-site for old articles.

When we recently became aware of other, more devious sites, that were using our “Go Inside” brand to publicize their awful “Magazine” — it was clear to us we needed to re-stake the ground we won so many years ago and bring GoInside.com back to the bleeding edge of publishing by making it a blog.

As the publisher of Go Inside Magazine, I had to make some difficult choices on which articles we would move over from the old site to this new blog.  The only way to do an “import” of our old content was to copy and paste the old articles into a new “blog post” and that was time consuming and tedious to match the original publication dates and such.

So, I decided to only move evergreen articles — I did not import a lot of my old hardware and software reviews because they are now aged and out-of-date — by authors who are still actively writing with us, so they can comment on their old articles and their new posts, and I brought over authors who are either dead or incapable of rising to the challenge of modern blog publishing.  I will handle any comment replies on those articles.

Be sure to use our handy Search Box in the sidebar to help you find what you’re looking for today because every single URL we had was broken in the changeover.  That hurt a lot, but it had to be done.

Not bringing over all our old content means you might land on a lot of dead pages here for awhile until the search engines reindex this new, crisper, leaner and more relevant blog.

If you used to write with us, and if you want your old articles restored here, please use our Contact page to get in touch and confirm, among other things, that you will be able to comment on your old work while also submitting fresh content each month for ongoing publication.

We are glad you found us here on the New Go Inside Magazine, and we look forward to bringing you the best insight and analysis.  We Are Everywhere.  We Are Jedermann.  Go Inside or Get Left Behind!


  1. Congratulations, David. This has been a long time coming. It’s about time! I look forward to looking and searching for all the good stuff again.

    1. Thanks, Anne! Yes, the sticking point was the monstrosity of moving over old content into the new container. Hard decisions had to be made but nothing is currently irrevocable or irretrievable.

  2. Very excited to have Go Inside live now as a blog instead of static HTML — for so long I have thought, if only there were a way people could comment directly on the article instead of just e-mailing me. Now there is!

    1. I agree with you all the way, Gordon. Email is great for some things — but not really right for having a real-time, dynamic, conversation about a piece of writing — the Go Inside Blog should work much better for an immediate vibrancy of thought.

      I thank you for sticking with us and for standing by us for all those years as a dedicated collaborator and writer!

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