Evaluating Lost Blog Readers: Ten Million vs. One Million

We reached the One Million — 1,000,000 — reader/hits/visitors milestone for the first time (again!) here on BolesBlogs.com since we became the consolidated Boles Blogs a year and five days ago.

Reaching a million of anything is an accomplishment and a joy, but it also forces you to reflect on what was and where you once stood as you wonder if you’d stayed the course and kept a finite focus, readership would likely be over Ten Million — 10,000,000 — reader/hits/visitors today instead of just a million.

In November 2007, when we were only the Urban Semiotic blog — we were close to smashing the one million mark — and we did just that a few weeks later!  It’s hard to imagine how many millions of readers we’d have tallied by now if we’d stayed a single blog.

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The Definitive Answer on VaultPress and WordPress Multisite Pricing

UPDATE – April 9, 2012:  The Boles Blogs Network is now back on WordPress.com.  We are keeping this article published in case it might help others in the future.

If you’re running your own WordPress Multisite installation, you know having a proper and secure backup plan is a must in today’s wretched world where bad people love to tear down good things instead of building them up from scratch. Backing up your WordPress files and database on a regular basis are not tough tasks, but they can become cumbersome and gruesome if your schedule overcomes you and if you then allow your self-serving security needs to become lackadaisical.

Enter VaultPress! VaultPress is built by Automattic to cleanly and invisibly secure your WordPress installations and VaultPress now supports WordPress Multisite. The catch is that pricing for WordPress Multisite VaultPress protection is confusing. Today, I have the proper answers for you in detail.

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How John Biggs and Tech Crunch Blew Up the Boles Blogs Network!

This has been a wild week with Apple threatening me with takedown notices and Tech Crunch riding to the rescue and then reflecting on what it means to be a blog publisher and dealing with threats from Apple Fanbois and lessons in legality from anonymous amateur Copyright commenters.

One lesson I learned this week, is that if you contact Tech Crunch for feedback and advice — as I did when I wrote asking if they’d ever seen a Takedown Notice like the one Apple sent me — you better make sure you tell your story first, or Tech Crunch will beat you to the publication punch — and that’s precisely what happened to me, and I couldn’t be happier about it!  Here’s why:

Tech Crunch’s John Biggs took my inquiry and ran with it and published the Apple threat letter and I was amazed by the power of that simple article.  Bigg’s story currently has 44 comments, 192 Facebook Likes, 609 Tweets, 153 LinkedIn Shares and 41 Google+ mentions.  However, those numbers only begin to tell the story of the real Tech Crunch muscle in the marketplace.

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The Folly of First World Problem Commenters

As the publisher of the 14-blog strong Boles Blogs Network, I am now seeing a taxing, and utterly boring, trend of “New World Problem Commenters” — people who take time out of their miserable day to try to slap you one across your virtual face to show you just how morally superior they are to you.

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The New Go Inside Magazine!

Welcome to the new look of Go Inside Magazine!  Go Inside Magazine officially started with the GoInside.com domain in 1996, but we have been publishing on the internet since 1990 as “Internet Insider” and under other transitory and transitional names.  For all those years, we were a static HTML magazine and then, yesterday, January 27, 2011, we made the big change to dynamic publishing — and Go Inside is now hosted on WordPress.com as the newest member of the now 14-blog strong Boles Blogs Network!

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Virtual Internship at Urban Semiotic

We are pleased to announce we are now accepting Virtual Interns here at David W. Boles’ Urban Semiotic!

If you are in high school or in college and you want to earn some professional writing experience, we invite you to apply to our Internship program!

Urban Semiotic logo!We are offering Virtual Internships because of the grand success of a similar Intern program at our sister publication, GO INSIDE Magazine.

You can even split your Internship between GO INSIDE and Urban Semiotic if that helps meet your writing needs and your publication desire.
If you are interested in writing with us and in taking advantage of this opportunity to get your work known, get in touch now!

Become an Urban Semiotic Author

If you are interested in becoming an Urban Semiotic Author today is the day to make contact!
Please read our Writing Tips page first to make sure what we require is something you are interested in providing.
If you’re ready to take the step into writing posts, here’s how it will all work:
1. WordPress 2.0 allows us to assign Roles to registered users. The two roles that interest you are Author and Contributor. There are two differences between those roles: Authors can publish their own work at will and also upload files. Most new writers will start as Contributors where their articles will be reviewed before publication.
2. Express your interest in writing via the Contact page and explain what type of articles you plan to write and what topics you plan to explore.
3. You will then provide a brief bio for our Authors page. You may also provide an 80×80 Avatar to accompany your bio if you wish. You will have to email the Gravatar because the code to call the Gravatar from Gravatar.com won’t work on the Author’s page. If you do not use a Gravatar, the default Gravatar image here will be provided for you. Authors will generally be listed in alphabetical order by last name.
4. We will add your blog to our Blogroll.
If you have any questions, please post a reply to this message.