We are pleased to announce we are now accepting Virtual Interns here at David W. Boles’ Urban Semiotic!

If you are in high school or in college and you want to earn some professional writing experience, we invite you to apply to our Internship program!

Urban Semiotic logo!We are offering Virtual Internships because of the grand success of a similar Intern program at our sister publication, GO INSIDE Magazine.

You can even split your Internship between GO INSIDE and Urban Semiotic if that helps meet your writing needs and your publication desire.
If you are interested in writing with us and in taking advantage of this opportunity to get your work known, get in touch now!


  1. I wish there were opportunities like this when I was in college because it could be done while attending classes.
    The internships I did were great, but they required travel and personal expense because they were all unpaid (except for one I did with the state). They also required me to take summer sessions to make sure I graduated in four years because I had reduced class loads during the internships.
    If a virtual internship had been available, I could have gained additional experience without having to modify my class schedule and planning.

  2. You got the idea, Chris! We work really hard with our Interns to make sure they get a great experience and verifiable credits. We work with their schools and their counselors to make sure all requirements are met.
    Writing 10 articles at 1,000 words each for 10 weeks is a challenge few professional writers can match.
    Our interns get it done, though and they leave our program well trained, confident, and with a portfolio to 10, important, lengthy, articles, in hand.

  3. Wonderful news, David, I know this opportunity will please many students. Like Chris says, I wish I had a similar opportunity when I was younger to earn some extra credits.

  4. Right, Anne! As the world expands and time compresses, students are looking for more ways to earn course credit while also getting some real world experience. That’s what we offer: The pressure cooker of deadlines and the ability to come up with great ideas while under the clock.

  5. Anne!
    Yes! The idea of getting comments back on the work is unique: Instant feedback is a unique experience for many writers. We also publish great comments — and not cruel ones — so there’s no undue harm done to any of our authors here.
    Yes, students can choose their topics or we can help assign a story idea if they can’t think of anything that pleases them enough to write.

  6. Ni Nicola!
    Oh, I’d love to have your daughter with us! Sometimes papers written for school work well in finding an audience!
    I love your writing and your interaction here with us. You are in invaluable and valued member of the posse!

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