The Disgrace of Unpaid Interns at For-Profit Companies

If you have been to college in the last 2o years, an internship was likely part of your valuable learning process.  Interns must be paid at for-profit companies — either by the company or the school — or else one risks abusing volunteer student work as slave labor.

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Virtual Internship at Urban Semiotic

We are pleased to announce we are now accepting Virtual Interns here at David W. Boles’ Urban Semiotic!

If you are in high school or in college and you want to earn some professional writing experience, we invite you to apply to our Internship program!

Urban Semiotic logo!We are offering Virtual Internships because of the grand success of a similar Intern program at our sister publication, GO INSIDE Magazine.

You can even split your Internship between GO INSIDE and Urban Semiotic if that helps meet your writing needs and your publication desire.
If you are interested in writing with us and in taking advantage of this opportunity to get your work known, get in touch now!