As the publisher of the 14-blog strong Boles Blogs Network, I am now seeing a taxing, and utterly boring, trend of “New World Problem Commenters” — people who take time out of their miserable day to try to slap you one across your virtual face to show you just how morally superior they are to you.

These precious — “First World Problem Commenters” are always anonymous cowards — and they always leave a dullardly comment that goes something like this…

First World Problem!


Starving children in Africa and you write this?  First world problem!


Get out of your first world problem life and start living!

I used to respond to these nags by challenging the very notion of their comment.  We write “First World Problem” articles that you then turn around and read and place a “First World Problem Comment”on in a failed attempt to prove your moral superiority? Why do you have time to comment on our articles?  Why aren’t you busy feeding starving children in Africa instead of surfing the internet looking for troublesome moments to exonerate your flailing ego?

I have stopped publishing “First World Problem Comments” because they serve no purpose other than to add to the churn and strum of an increasingly mechanical day, and I now just dump those comments right in the Spam folder because that’s precisely what they are:  Immoral Spam posing as Righteous Indignation.


    1. What’s so funny about it, Gordon, is that anything we publish is fodder for their nonsense. Not even the serious articles are immune from their punditry.

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