On Bootstrap and HTML5: Redesigning Older Websites to be Google Search Mobile-Friendly

A year or so ago, Google dropped a bomb on all website designers, publishers and online content authors: Your websites had better not only be SSL-secure, but also “mobile-friendly” — and while the first edict is easy to solve with money, the second command costs you a lot of time and money and energy — especially if you’ve been publishing live content on the web for a long time.

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Two Thousand Boles Blogs Followers on WordPress Dot Com!

We did it! We reached another vital publication milestone this week: 2,000 WordPress.com Followers for this Boles Blog!  WordPress Dot com followers are terrifically hard to get compared with Facebook and Google+ and Twitter because you can’t really virally — paid or not — advertise to get people to join your blog.

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Apple iPad Airs Have Landed in Our Hands and Taken Off Again in Our Hearts

Our two iPad Airs arrived via FedEx Air this morning — straight up at 10:00am — and I haven’t been able to put down either of them ever since they landed in my hands.

Yes, the iPads Airs are incredibly thin and light.  I thought a mistake had been made and we were instead sent the new retina iPad Minis — I can’t imagine I’d want an iPad that was any smaller than the Air.  It’s just the perfect size, filled with magic and mysticism from the first touch out of the box.

Replacing our old iPad 3s with our new iPad Airs in my Verizon Wireless online account was dead simple.  Enter the new IMEIs.  Enter the SIM card numbers.  Boom!  Done.  Running.  We have 4G LTE liftoff!  I want all my iPads to be on Verizon LTE. Hurricane Sandy taught me that hard lesson against WiFi-only devices. Stay safe. Stay ultra-connected via many tethers back to the real world.

The first thing I did after updating my iPad via my iCloud backup account — talk about ease and transparency, thy name is iCloud — was to set up my iPad as a hotspot and run my MacBook Air through the connection for internet service.

Here’s the Xfinity report card:  13.8 MB down and 0.30 up.  Down is excellent and up is awful — is that news? — but it’s all workable and doable together for the way 99% of us will use these sorts of short-life hotspots.

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The New Go Inside Magazine!

Welcome to the new look of Go Inside Magazine!  Go Inside Magazine officially started with the GoInside.com domain in 1996, but we have been publishing on the internet since 1990 as “Internet Insider” and under other transitory and transitional names.  For all those years, we were a static HTML magazine and then, yesterday, January 27, 2011, we made the big change to dynamic publishing — and Go Inside is now hosted on WordPress.com as the newest member of the now 14-blog strong Boles Blogs Network!

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Concentric Fame and the Coreless Onion

Have you noticed famous people live concentric, insular, lives that restrict their ability to relate to real people or to find footing in the common dreams of Jedermann?  Yet, somehow, the famous believe they represent us all from their suffocating cocoon of Yes People and manufactured adoration.  The famous spin in circles within circles with no direction or grounding.

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Foretelling a Fortune

Is it bragging if you foretell the future with perfect success? I am pleased to announce two months and a week ago I made a prediction here about this year’s American Idol contestants and, in the end, I was right. Peering into tomorrow is a practiced knack and here’s why I was right about who won and who finished second.

TAYLOR HICKS Taylor HicksAmerican Idol, as I predicted, is your new Idol but he was never a favorite of judge Simon Cowell.

That is a dangerous thing because Simon can kill a contestant he doesn’t like and for the first six weeks of the show, Simon took every opportunity he had to slay Taylor’s chances of winning it all. What Simon failed to recognize — but that the rest of us knew and loved — is that Taylor Hicks wasn’t just a great singer and musician, he was one of us. He was older. He had a bit of a gut. His chin was doubled. He was grey haired.

We loved him because he wasn’t about surface beauty or false charity. Taylor Hicks is a real talent, nobly divined and of Great Spirit. He sweats honor and compassion. He controls the stage. He sings with grit and a passion missing in today’s popular recorded music. Taylor will always be better live than on tape but that’s the beauty of the man. He transcends the faked by being human in the moment and he cannot be artificially captured.

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Epistle for the New Year

Dear Go Inside Magazine Reader —

It’s been a year since we last sat down and talked about the purpose and direction of this magazine. In my last note to you in The January Epistle, I told your our hopes and dreams for 1997. I’m pleased to report that they all came true!

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