The Wounding of Surprise and the Danger of Imagination

Surprise and imagination can be both wonderful experiences and dangerous concepts.  We’re trained early in life to find surprise in the world around us, usually juxtaposed against the wilds of nature. We are often encouraged to “think outside the box” and to reimagine reality in ways that can fundamentally change the way we view the world and our role within it. Nothing is out of reason. Everything is possible.

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I Had a Judge Judy Sex Dream

Okay, I admit it.  Two nights ago I awoke from an amazing dream flushed with sandy excitement and the salt of morning grogginess.  I was coming back into being from a sordid sex dream with Judge Judy as the object of my unwitting desire.

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Against Improvisation

Students love improvisation and for that very reason, the faculty must discount improvisation as the domain of the unrehearsed, the imperfect and the consequential shortcut. 

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Imagination and Suicide

I was watching a documentary the other day and an inspired thought was brought forth by a person being interviewed.  He claimed the leading cause of suicide in small towns is due to a lack of imagination.

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Not Writing Real People

As your Script Professor, I created a Dramatic Writing group on Facebook, and one of our members asked me about the problem of writing about real people that you know.  How do you get around their ego that they think you cannot help but write about them?  What do you do about their determination to get paid for inspiring you?  Here are the thoughts I shared.

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Stella Adler: Imagination in the Choice

I had another great discussion with Howard Stein this week, and our conversation turned from necessary writing, to the Mozart Syndrome, and then into the realm of imagination as described by the great acting teacher, Stella Adler.

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Is Stealing Ever Good?

Is there ever a time when stealing is good?

Yes, the inspired stealing of imagination should always be encouraged.

There is no unoriginal theft left.

Some call stealing inspiration, but if you see or experience something and then change or employ those experiences in your life — you have effectively borrowed and stolen the thoughts of others and I wholly encourage that effort.

I am not condoning plagiarism, but I am supporting the opportunity to consider and use ideas that are not your own because there are no original thoughts left in the world.

We are ignited by the shared memories of others and we must honor the covenant of those tendrilous relationships.

The theft confirms the collective genius.