The gDiaper Review

I was walking down the aisles of Metropolitan Market, the small locally owned supermarket that was across the street from my former apartment in Seattle with my now wife Elizabeth — we were looking for food that was tasty, locally sourced, and kosher. At some point we passed by some baby related items and a medium sized package caught both of our eyes. It was a gDiaper starter kit, meant to help new parents with their baby — the g in the name was what really stood out, as we knew immediately that it must stand for green, or environmentally friendly.

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The Medela Symphony Breast Pump Review

My wife and I were first introduced to the Medela Symphony in the hospital where my wife gave birth to our son via emergency c-section. Our friend and doula told us that it was the best breast pump she knew to, so to speak, establish the milk supply that would be necessary to properly feed our son.

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Tat Baby

Jason Clay Lewis sent me an email yesterday announcing the newest bouncing bundle to his family:  Tat Baby!

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