Jason Clay Lewis sent me an email yesterday announcing the newest bouncing bundle to his family:  Tat Baby!

Actually, Jason, a fine and refined artist, calls his latest rubber creation — “Drill Baby” — but I like “Tat Baby” so much better because it upsets our social expectation of infant innocence and redefines our notion of ruination.

I can’t help but wonder if Real Dolls start out life in vinyl as Tat Babies.

The intention and purpose of any artistic endeavor — with a strong aesthetic — is to bring us into a new light for thinking while meting out a new way of seeing.

Is Tat Baby performance art?  Sculpture?  Web imagery?

Tat Baby is the essence of live performance:  At first you’re shocked by recognition and then eased into revulsion; and then fascination sets in as your mind is set on a whirlwind test of values checking and morality monitoring — and that makes Jason Clay Lewis one of our most innovative stagers of thought we have reveling in our midst.


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