Concealing the Prison Tat

If you have a tattoo placed on your own skin by your own free will — and if you are going to court — should the State be required to pay a cosmetologist to cover your ink so you’ll get a fair trial?  Can a tattoo ever be unfairly prejudicial?

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Sharia Law and Censoring NSFW Link Shorteners

Are you offended by the image below of a bare-knuckled woman with naked arms drinking from a Beck’s beer bottle? is a link shortening service that takes NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content and “safe-ifies” it by giving an SFW — Safe(r) For Work — link to click.  Unfortunately, for, the “.ly” domain belongs to Libya, and Libya is a country that adheres to Sharia:  Islamic Law — and Libya doesn’t want any booze-holding, tatted chicks riding their domain anywhere near NSFW territory.

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Tat Baby

Jason Clay Lewis sent me an email yesterday announcing the newest bouncing bundle to his family:  Tat Baby!

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Pre-Prison Tat Surgery, Implanted Horns and Wigs

Daniel Cowart — a white supremacist convicted in Federal court for planning the assassination of Barack Obama — now seems to want his swastika and iron cross tattoos “surgically altered” before entering the prison system.

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Designer Tats

I don’t understand tattoos.  I really do not understand designer tattoos.  What are we trying to remember? 

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Death Wish Gallery

Since 1992 people have been inking Death Wishes on their chests as permanent tattoos to prevent medical resuscitation in the event of a life-threatening injury.  This process is called the “DNR Tattoo” or the “Do Not Resuscitate Tattoo” and its effect is a fascinating enlightenment against the values and morality of an advanced culture where we are all taught to value life and to save the heartbeat at all cost.

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Rigging the Ruthless Gene

Nature reports this week there is confirmation of — A Ruthless Geneproving our previously argued theory of a guilty ovum and a bad seed is, indeed, true.

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