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Intention and Want

Intention and want are undervalued, yet powerful, acts of
that define people in their place.  Both actor and audience must have clear wants and intentions to perform and follow — or the dramatic tension will collapse.

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The Dying Artful Adaptation

Adapting one piece of art from one thing into another is a dying craft because too many people believe they are capable of making that transition seamless and artistically irrevocable when they are really only able to serve their own selfish aesthetic.

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The Definition of RelationShaping

When we welcomed you here to on March 26, 2008, it was a major moment for us as a realization of an idea we had way back on November 10, 2005 in Urban Semiotic as we redefined how we reform each other in a modern world in an article called: “Virtual Relationshaping.”

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Embedded Bluetooth Breadcrumbs Leading the Blind

Technology shapes us and betters us, but sometimes it can also belittle our best intentions.  The Talking-Points project is a new idea that hopes to use embedded Bluetooth tags placed strategically throughout a city to communicate with the blind to guide and provide geographic landmarks and local business information.

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Artistry and Intention

There is a fine line between doing something right and just doing something. The bright line between those two efforts is defined by: The intention to add Art to the job.

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We are a 9Rules Special Interests Blog?

It looks like Monday we were officially added to the 9Rules blog community in the “Special Interests” category and I want to make it clear I had no vote — and was never asked — where this blog would land over at 9Rules even though I asked several times where this blog would be placed.
The fact this blog was even located in a community was news to me until I discovered it myself this morning. 

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