When we welcomed you here to RelationShaping.com on March 26, 2008, it was a major moment for us as a realization of an idea we had way back on November 10, 2005 in Urban Semiotic as we redefined how we reform each other in a modern world in an article called: “Virtual Relationshaping.”

“RelationShaping” is another invented word that serves a new niche definition, and the evidence of the success of its integration into the mainstream mindset can be found in a Google search return:

The keyword and SEO links are especially telling as the new niche is formed and definition and meaning begin to surround the ideal of RelationShaping as a new form of human interaction in an evergreen and ever changing human condition.


  1. Excellent, David. Now someone just needs to make a relationshaping twitter account 🙂

  2. I’m mostly a Twitter sort of guy because it’s right there on my phone and won’t let me forget it! 🙂

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