soundAMP is one of those ten dollar chunks of software you cannot live without if you have an iPhone.  soundAMP brings “Super Hearing” to your ears using amplification and a simple-to-use interface.

soundAMP uses the iPhone’s built-in microphone — or the microphone in your wired earbuds — to increase the sound hitting your ears. 

You can fine-tune the amplified sound using a built-in equalizer.

You can turn the sound WAY UP to extremely loud.

You can instantly play the last five seconds of a conversation or shuttle back-and-forth between the last 60 seconds of a live recording to catch what you missed.

You can use soundAMP to make the TV louder, voices easier to understand, or you can even “spy with your ears” on conversations taking place without you across the room.

I recommend soundAMP as a must have iPhone application because you never know where you’ll be when you might need that extra little boost in hearing to help save your life or salvage your reputation!


  1. It’s a great device, Gordon. Some hard-of-hearing and even Deaf folks are really taking to soundAMP. It’s a great eavesdropping device, too. SMILE!

  2. UPDATE:

    Fred at Ginger Labs sent us the following:

    soundAMP, the most popular line of hearing apps on the App Store, now supports multitasking in iOS 4.

    While listening with soundAMP R, you can use other apps. Recording will continue when using other apps too.

    Multitasking is one of the most popular requests from our over 17,000 users.

    We thought your readers would like to know.

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