I have tried to stay out of the “Obama Birther” fray because the whole thing is a Racist and Bigoted straw man argument evilly designed to damage and remove the first Black president of the United States from office.  Giving a public nod to the Birthers — even to repudiate their ugly claims — gives them precisely what they crave:  A moment in the sunny public square to spew their dark hatred.  Orly Taitz is the head crackpot leading the charge against Obama, and so she rightly deserves to be exposed, dismantled, and weakened by her own ineptitude.

I won’t be the one giving Orly her due.  She’s already done in herself as witnessed by her incredibly incomprehensible and illogical “interview” with MSNBC:

So there you have it: The Birthers are busted, demented, and purely ridiculous — and to give them even a nanosecond more attention only serves to wound Obama; and they wouldn’t want to have it any other way.


  1. It’s sad when lunatics get on the news and just spout garbage.

  2. I agree, Gordon. It’s fine to have a lunatic on as long as you viciously attack their lunacy. To invite a lunatic on the air and pretend they’re sane and stable and telling the truth is something I will never comprehend. There are all sorts of charlatans in the world — the media must always expose them for what they are…

  3. What a shame, she has such a lovely accent :-\
    but she’s sooo rude and just plain dumb

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