Not Acting in Your Own Best Interest

There is no such thing as a secret even though some secret holders believe great power is held in that sealing.  When you tell someone a secret — and ask them to keep the faith while not acting on the information — you create a false covenant by believing people will refuse to act in their own best interest.  If you are treacherous, you are fully aware of that false covenant, and you will exploit that restlessness to your advantage.

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Renting the American Dream

After 20 years of renting a life on the East Coast — that’s what you do out here because purchasing an apartment or a house is incredibly expensive because the AVERAGE price of a one-bedroom apartment in New York City is now a cool $1,000,000.00 USD — we are now thinking it might be best to look into buying our share of the American Dream instead of renting it away.

99.99% of the people we know rent. Where do we start to buy? Can you do it all with a bank loan or do you have to bring a chunk of your own saved money for a down payment to the table first? Do you find a real estate agent at the start of the process or only at the finish? Is now a good time to buy an apartment or a house?

Is there a New York neighborhood or town or village reachable by train near New York City that would be more affordable than Manhattan or Queens? I know there are books and magazines dedicated to this topic, but sometimes there are hidden self-interests in those publications.

The Real Me

It was on The Who’s 1973 album that a song of the name The Real Me appeared. The album was one of a story of a man lost, trying to put together for himself some sort of an identity. In a large sense, many of the struggles we have as people have to do with a struggle for some sort of identity.

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