There is no such thing as a secret even though some secret holders believe great power is held in that sealing.  When you tell someone a secret — and ask them to keep the faith while not acting on the information — you create a false covenant by believing people will refuse to act in their own best interest.  If you are treacherous, you are fully aware of that false covenant, and you will exploit that restlessness to your advantage.

We are hard coded to break faith and to tell falsities and to protect what is ours.

If an opportunity is presented for exploitation or advancement — we will leap at the chance to propagate ourselves into a more secure future — even if it means the betrayal of our words, the crashing of our sacred vows and the disavowal of our sealed blood oaths.

Morality and values have become buzz words primed to keep the honorable in the dark and the righteously powerful in social check.

A lie — told as a secret and sowed into the colloquial experience — wields incredible power to destroy, and that is why we must believe nothing and investigate everything.

Beware of the secret tellers, for they are already less dutiful than you, because they are primed to break what was promised never to be unsealed.

The hidden agenda of the secret sharer is merely a mask for the broken covenants that destroy nations and bring universal suffering to the human condition.

We must live without secrets and we also must refuse to keep the secrets of others.  Secrets-holding is presented as a test of faith when it is really an exploitation of common exceptions. 

To regain our humanity, we must be first transparent — and be honest without tempting cruelty — and we are required to be forever watchful of those who tell us one thing, hoping we’ll break faith, and spread their dirty deeds in the wake of our fatalistic, but hopeful, human flaws.


  1. Great article, David. Secrets are only secrets until they get out — and they always get out. I am quite fascinated by the site PostSecret — where people send a postcard that tells a secret anonymously. Makes you wonder about the person who wants to tell everyone and nobody their secret at the same time.

  2. Yes, and if you agree to keep a secret — then you are controlled by the person doing the secret sharing! People think shared secrets have to do with trust when they’re really about controlling someone else.
    I will have to check out the PostSecret site.
    Wikileaks is a fantastic site dedicated to NOT keeping secrets:

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