Not Acting in Your Own Best Interest

There is no such thing as a secret even though some secret holders believe great power is held in that sealing.  When you tell someone a secret — and ask them to keep the faith while not acting on the information — you create a false covenant by believing people will refuse to act in their own best interest.  If you are treacherous, you are fully aware of that false covenant, and you will exploit that restlessness to your advantage.

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Free WiFi at Best Buy

Last Friday, I did my yearly social duty and visited my CPA in Manhattan to do the dreaded taxes deed, and to assuage my aching heart and walloped wallet, I always first visit Circuit City on the corner of 14th Street and 4th Avenue in Union Square to put my hands on all the latest technology.  Unfortunately, Circuit City is now kaput — but I was pleasantly pleased to see a Best Buy store in the same Circuit City spot.

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Best for The Blues: The Gibson Les Paul Standard or Fender Eric Clapton Stratocaster Review

What is the best guitar for playing the electric Blues?  A Fender Eric Clapton Custom Shop Stratocaster or a Gibson Les Paul Standard?  I’m narrowing the Gibson vs. Fender debate to a couple of guitars since I have one of each in hand and I play The Blues on both.  Better men than I have been broken trying to make this comparison fairly sing — so I will do my best to give you a competent, if not persnickety, breakdown of
my experience.

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Best Western Buggery

Last week, Janna was out of town in Iowa visiting her mother. Sometimes, when Janna visits, her mother will reserve a room at the local Best Western so they can swim together and work out and enjoy some private time away from the rest of the family.  How did “Best Western” become “Worst Western” in the flash of a leering eye and a filthy mouth?  I’ll tell you right now.

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Best Cup of Coffee

When and where did you drink the best cup of coffee you ever had the honor of tasting and swallowing?

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Your Best is Never Enough

It is not enough today to “do your best” or to “try” or to “make a go of it” because all those phrases indicate you did not set out what you intended to accomplish. In America, “trying” has unfortunately replaced “getting it done” for many of our young people and that is a frightening watershed event in the marking moments of our history as a nation.

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List of Mosts

In case you missed them, here are my “Most” Blog Entries in no particular order:

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