In case you missed them, here are my “Most” Blog Entries in no particular order:

1. Most Best Not Being Read Much: Jason Opsahl is Dead

2. Most Writing: Writing Advice for Authors

3. Most Read Review: Paul Anka Rock Swings

4. Most Read (By a 3 to 1 Margin): Death by Dust-Off

5. Most Prescient: A Curious Return to the Lancasterian Monitorial System

6. Most Personal About Something Stupid: When Good Blogs Go Bad

7. Most Personal Involving Another Person: Promise Before Dying

8. Most Comments: Take Your Children Offline NOW

9. Most Famous: Missing Arthur Miller

10. Most Art: Claes Oldenburg’s Torn Notebook

11. Most Race: Paved Plantations

12. Most Blunt: Death of the Old Life

13. Most Educational: e-Books Smash Paper

14. Most Warning: When Smart People Get Lost

15. Most Cutting: Why Cinderella Man Flopped


  1. Thanks for relisting some of these that might get “lost in the shuffle” when perusing the archives.
    “The line between succeeding and failing is as thin as a page of Isaiah.” – from When Smart People Get Lost. That’s a great line.
    I also enjoyed “Writing Advice for Authors,” since I hope to actually – one day – finish that novel I’m working on! ūüôā

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