OnLive Desktop Plus Review for iPad

UPDATE: February 24, 2012
I was using Internet Explorer via OnLive last night and the speed was so fast I decided to see if I could get quantification for download and upload speeds for the Plus service.  I couldn’t get my old favorite, Speakeasy, to load on OnLive, but I was able to get to work and here are the results:  An astonishing 88.05Mbps down and a fantastical 70.72Mbps up.  Now that’s some fast internet!  NYU slowly turns green

Today, I just shelled out my first $5.00USD monthly fee for OnLive Desktop Plus for my iPad 2.  I decided to go the money route for OnLive Desktop Plus to get priority access because the free version is incredibly slow and monotonous.  I also wanted to see just how fast the Internet Explorer 9 interface was on the iPad going through the OnLive Desktop Plus backend.

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When Freshly Pressed is Sponsored Stale

When first introduced the Freshly Pressed concept, I was quite excited. Here was an opportunity to learn about blogs about which I was unaware — with 50 million blogs being counted in 2006 and nearly 200,000 new ones being made every day, it’s impossible to sort the wheat from the chaff without some kind of assistance. According to Joy Victory, the Editorial Czar at WordPress, it is not too difficult to get your WordPress blog featured on the Freshly Pressed page.

Each post that makes it to Freshly Pressed contains original content created by the WordPress user. Bad stuff includes (but isn’t limited to) plagiarism, hate speech, fear-mongering, adult/mature content, improperly used images that belong to someone else, spam or content that is primarily advertorial.

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Installing Windows 7 Ultimate on a MacBook Pro

Yesterday, I spent two hours installing the new Windows 7 beta on my MacBook Pro under Parallels 4.0.
The process was smooth and significant.

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