Yesterday, I spent two hours installing the new Windows 7 beta on my MacBook Pro under Parallels 4.0.
The process was smooth and significant.

Windows 7 is so much faster, sleeker, and keener than Vista.

Here’s my MacBook Pro desktop with Windows 7 Ultimate running in a Parallels 4.0 window:

I’m running Internet Explorer 8.

The new Start Menu is snapper and much more responsive now.

Installing Windows Live Essentials was a breeze.

It took just under 10 minutes to download and install all the good stuff in Windows Live Essentials.

The Windows Live Essentials Toolbar now appears in Internet Explorer and I’m logged in to the Microsoft Live service, too:

I was immediately surprised how easy it was to install Windows 7 on my MacBook Pro. 

It’s pretty amazing to have the best of both worlds — Max OSX and Windows — running on the same Apple machine. 

I’ve seen the future on my screen. 

I’ve touched the future on my keyboard. 

Today, I like what I’ve viewed and love what I felt.

I can’t wait for tomorrow.


I finally closed Parallels and re-started Windows 7 Ultimate and everything was frozen.  It appears the culprit is Windows Live Essentials.  Everything worked until I restarted the system.  The only way to fix everything was to boot into Safe Mode with Parallels and do a hard install of Windows 7 Ultimate from scratch. I did not reinstall Windows Live Essentials. 


  1. Best of both worlds ………… greedy!
    I hope it continues to be a good experience for you ūüôā

  2. Hi Nicola!
    I just updated the article. I had to spend another two-hours doing a reinstall. All is well now, though. What a hassle getting back!

  3. So… good but not quite there yet – ie with the horrible mishap with Live Essentials. The irony is quite amusing – something they deem to be essential kills the computer.

  4. That’s a good point, Gordon. It is beta software though, and I’m not entirely convinced the problem with Live Essentials is MSFT’s alone.
    Win 7, build 7000 is even faster now after a full wipe and restore. It is amazingly snappy running in Parallels Coherence Mode.

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