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My Last Full Moon From Here

Last night, we had the most amazing nearly full moon, with the exact time of the full moon in the early hours of this morning when all sensible people are asleep — the light was excellent so I took the opportunity to snap away at our last full moon from this house.

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Death from Internet Video Stupidity

When I was a child, my brother and I regularly heard about kids our age who would get into all kinds of dangerous wacky hijinks, endangering their lives in the process. We would see news reports about a child getting hurt or dying but we would never see the dangerous circumstances in which the child got hurt.

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The Hereditary Nature of Internet Addiction

There are days when I am riding the bus home from the train station and I see high school aged children looking at their phones, playing games and going online and I think to myself with wonder that these children have never known a day of their lives when there was not such a thing as The Internet. I have seen children sitting in groups having non-conversations in which words are exchanged but nobody is really listening, all the while updating their Twitter and Facebook accounts about the details of the exchanges that they aren’t really having. They simply can’t seem to peel their eyes away from their small computers in order to have any kind of real interaction with their friends. Now it seems that hardcore internet addiction may be entirely genetic.

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Why I Chose Verizon FiOS over Time-Warner Cable

When I first moved into my apartment in Kew Gardens, I got all of the utilities set up and prepared for the very important step of choosing an internet provider. I then found out that I had exactly one choice for a provider of high speed internet and that was Time Warner. I called them and got the best deal that they had at the time for internet access and television, and signed a two year contract with a guarantee for no increase in price.

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Comcast Just Doubled My Internet Speed for Free! Or Did They?

My Comcast Internet and Phone service went out last night for three hours.  It was a unique widespread outage — I might lose either Phone or Internet, but in 10 years I don’t recall ever losing both of them at the same time with no modem lights — and I was secretly hoping Comcast were finally doing their free “double speed” upgrade for our area they’d been publicly promising for weeks in an attempt to tamp down Verizon FiOS infiltration into their broadband power user neighborhoods.

In the past, I’ve written about Comcast Data Caps and I was happy to see Comcast suspend data caps for the 2012 Summer — because that makes for great Big Brother live stream viewing — and I wondered if the cap suspension was because of the planned doubling of internet speed so users could get used to the added speed without having to worry about going over their broadband usage limit?

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The Jack of All Ills: How the Internet Democratized Medicine

I’m old enough and just craggy enough to remember the pure disdain medical doctors had  for the internets in the early 1990’s when the web was growing by bounds and grabbing the brains of any and every eager mind.  The reason doctors hated the internet was because open access to information diluted their expertise by egalitarian dissemination of research and the democratic propagation of information; and they resented it when patients knew more about a drug or a condition than they did.  Eager patients are hungry for information and becoming the master of a single pill or a defined diagnosis is much easier than having to worry about every single chemical condition and biological solution studied at medical school.  Patients are the masters of their ailments; doctors are the jack of all ills.

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The 2012 State of the Boles Blogs Network

As we move forward into 2012 — I always prefer to look ahead than over my shoulder — it’s time to determine where we’re going and how we plan to stay on that path in publishing 14 blogs in the Boles Blogs Network.  Here’s the full list of the blogs we tend to every single day for you:

Urban Semiotic
Boles University Blog
Boles Blues
Scientific Aesthetic
GO INSIDE Magazine
Dramatic Medicine
Carceral Nation
Celebrity Semiotic
The United Stage of America

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