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Laptops in the Classroom

Many universities are giving up on their idea of “One Laptop Per Student” theory in the classroom because computers interfere with learning.

Traditional Universities also want to remove WiFi and other communication connections from being available during teaching sessions because students are surfing the web and creating email instead of being involved in class.

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Why I Hate Internet Explorer

We all hate Internet Explorer 6.0 as a web browser because it is slow and clunky and unfriendly. Unfortunately, most of the world uses Internet Explorer because it is bundled for free with Windows and so we, as content providers, must deal with that horrible fact of how we are experienced throughout the world. 

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Bizzaro World of Verizon DSL

An hour ago my Verizon phone line died and my DSL went belly up as well and I lost all connectivity.
I knew I should have Comcast Cable Internet, too!


I hate being disconnected from my virtual life!
Verizon are coming sometime tomorrow in a giant 12 hour service window to maybe fix my problem. We’ll see if they actually show up or not. My money is on Wednesday and not tomorrow.

And then — With my Voice line dead I decided to fire up my box to see if my WiFi hunter could borrow someone else’s bandwidth for a bit and I was surprised to see my DSL line is back up and working while my voice line is still dead.


I see there are new messages here and I will do my best to stay connected for as long as possible to answer them all but if I get cut off again and disappear for awhile you’ll know it’s because of Verizon and not because I no longer love you.

Keyser Soze Wins Big Brother 6

Keyser Soze — aka “Maggie” — won $500,000 last night on the season finale of the CBS television reality show borefest Big Brother 6. I have watched all the Big Brother shows since the first season. I even paid to purchase the live internet feeds to watch the real show behind the “faked” broadcast shows that never demonstrate the true character of the players. The best year for Big Brother was the first.

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Curious MIT Weblog Survey

I you currently have a blog — or a “weblog” — you might be curious about this:

This is a general social survey of the greater weblog community being conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Our goal is to help understand the way that weblogs are affecting the way we communicate with each other. Specifically we are interested in issues of demographics, communication behaviors, experience with weblogs and other technology, and the meaning of various types of social links within the blogosphere.

I took the curious MIT Weblog Survey

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Pobox Mail Server

The granddaddy of secure SMTP SSL Mail Relaying is Pobox and for over a decade I have been in love with their simple, robust and reliable service. Pobox gives you a “lifetime” email and website address.

They also offer mail bomb protection from Spammers and you can invoke a powerful set of filters that will allow you to better manage your mail. My favorite part of is their secure mail relay service. You can use their servers to send mail from anywhere. I find the Pobox mail servers are faster and more reliable than any other major or minor ISP mail server I have used.

No only does offer a secure SMTP server; they also provide SSL support for their SMTP server with several ways to configure port usage in case some of your mail ports are blocked by your work or ISP firewall. Being able to send SSL secure email and to know it will get to the person you want it to reach is a singular comfort and a joy in the wild world of the wicked web.

Real Time Internet Consumer Fraud Investigations

by Terry Gardiner

This story is dedicated to helping consumers understand the pitfalls and problems involved with internet business fraud, whether it is from retail or private party transactions. I know from experience that examples demonstrating how real consumers were bilked or defrauded by cyber pirates and web thieves will help other consumers see exactly how fraudulent activities work on the internet.

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