Panopticonic Orgasm in CounterPunch

We confess to getting a little thrill whenever we see a mainstream media outlet use the made up title of this Panopticonic blog in print on their pages.  The latest media monster to invoke our “Panopticonic” is CounterPunch in a fine article — A Bloody Awful Question of Liquidity — written by Stephen Martin.

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Shut Up and Bite Me! The Hearing Aid You Can Chew

Sometimes, wacky technical ideas belong deposited straight in the dustbin and should never make it into actual production — or on a public web page.  Meet the “Bite Me” hearing aid — okay, it’s actually called “SoundBite” but “Bite Me” is a so much more fulfilling meme — considering the silliness of the product.  The Bite Me hearing aid sits on your teeth to better conduct sound.  I wonder if their slogan is: “Clench and Listen” or “Bear Down and Hear Harder” or “Shut Up and Bite Me!”

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The Amazing Cyclotrope

There is nothing quite like discovering the SuperGenius mind exposed in action.  Today, I introduce you to Tim Wheatley — a student at University College Falmouth studying Digital Animation — and his Amazing, real life, Cyclotrope!

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Criminals Wear a Mask for a Reason

What’s in a fake name?  Do you ever occlude your identity online and have you ever generated a random identity to fool the cyberworld?  If yes, why?  If not, why not?

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Panopticonic Defines Salon Magazine

We know “Panopticonic” is not really a word.  “Panopticonic” is really a “word” I invented for my Boles Network Blog by the same name.  When I started the Panopticonic blog, “Panopticonic” appeared nowhere on the internet and that word failed to return any results in a Google search.  I do so love it so, though, when I get a Google Alert in my Inbox showing me that — “Panopticonic” — is being colloquially employed as a “real world” in a real publication like Salon Magazine.

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Kevin Costner Helps through Action, Not Words

It’s all well and good when celebrities like Wycleff Jean try to make the world a better place by telling other people what to do. Talk is not just cheap, as some say — it is actually free. You can have all the brilliant notions you want and just go around telling people about them, but it won’t actually necessarily make anything happen.

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The Definition of Panopticonic

When I started this Panopticonic blog on November 27, 2008, there was no such word as “Panopticonic” in the world. I invented the meaning of the idea and applied it to an invented word.
I created “Panopticonic” to give this blog a unique meaning in an identifiable niche.

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