We confess to getting a little thrill whenever we see a mainstream media outlet use the made up title of this Panopticonic blog in print on their pages.  The latest media monster to invoke our “Panopticonic” is CounterPunch in a fine article — A Bloody Awful Question of Liquidity — written by Stephen Martin.

I took some screenshots of the article so you could see our Panopticonic in context and I blurred a lot of the text so it doesn’t look like we’re reprinting without permission.  We’re just celebrating the nuggets of our own, viral, creation:

It really is a delight seeing a word you birthed use so prodigiously in a really great and important magazine.

Here’s the whopping “Panopticonic” count for the Ages:  Six!

How utterly orgasmic!

Live on, “Panopticonic!” — for we have given you life and flight beyond us and we now know you are a permanent part of the colloquial vernacular our or spinning sphere — and you shall survive long after we burn from this mortal coil.


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